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Famous as the "pearl of the Cyclades" for the indisputable quality of the sea and the beautiful beaches, Santorini is a real paradise ideal for a romantic getaway but also for fun holidays with friends or family.

What to see in Santorini

Famous for its breathtaking sunsets and unforgettable landscapes, the island offers an infinite number of things to see, in fact, Santorini is not just sea and beaches, there is so much to discover.

The main attractions of Santorini are undoubtedly the wonderful beaches, some of which deserve to be visited because they are really special. Among these there is the famous Red Beach, one of the most fascinating beaches of the island, so called because of its reddish color deriving from the crumbling of the rocks that lie behind it. Located along the south-western side of the island, the picturesque beach is ideal for snorkelers. From here it is possible to reach, by a walking path or by the sea, the nearby White Beach, a small beach formed by large white stones and dominated by high white cliffs that descend to the blue sea.

Another beach not to be missed is the Kamari Beach, the largest of the island, famous for the black sand, which makes it very special. Once in Kamari, Is possible to reach the ancient Thirà, to discover the ruins of the rebuillded village of the ninth century B.C., which is at the top of the facing mountain.

One of the places not to be missed is certainly Fira, the marvelous capital of the island, which stands out for the white houses with blue colored doors that blend perfectly with the other colors, creating a picturesque setting, almost like a painting. Perched on a cliff 260 meters above sea level, it offers a splendid panoramic view of the submerged volcano where is possible to enjoy an excursion with the cableway. Also, rich in bars, shops, clubs, restaurants and ice cream parlors, it is the ideal destination for those looking for a little nightlife.

A few kilometers away is Imerovigli, one of the most famous villages of the island, also known as "the balcony of the Aegean" as it occupies the highest cliff in all of Santorini and enjoys spectacular views. The fortress of Skaros, the Chapel of Panagia Theoskepasti, the church of St.Stratis and the monastery of St. Nicholas are worth a visit.

Another beloved place is the village where Katharos Villas places, Oia, perhaps the most picturesque and characteristic village of the island, famous for its sunsets and its windmills. Do not miss the Panagia Church of Platsani, the beautiful Ammoudi Bay and the famous Atlantis Books, which the British newspaper "The Guardian" has included among the 10 most beautiful bookstores in the world.

A special mention is about the Caldera, the crescent-shaped crater formed in 1450 BC. following a catastrophic volcanic eruption that buried the island entirely under the lava and plunged the central part into the sea forming a huge basin of about eight square kilometres. In the centre of the Caldera are the Hot Springs and new volcano, the Nea Kameni, formed by a longtime sedimented lava. The spectacle of the crater is breathtaking.

A piece of Santorini's history is represented by the archaeological site of Akrotiri, probably the most important of all the Cyclades, also nicknamed "the Pompeii of the Aegean". It is an ancient Minoan city buried by the volcanic ash from the 1613 BC eruption, the remains of which were found in 1962 by Professor Spyridon Marinatos. You can admire the wonderful frescoes and all that is left of this city. In Akrotiri there is also a lighthouse from which you can enjoy a magnificent panorama.

For those who want to deepen the knowledge of this wonderful island there are also interesting museums to visit, the most important of which is the Archaeological Museum, which houses sculptures ranging from the Archaic to the Roman period and clay figurines from geometric period to the Hellenistic. Also worth a visit: the Megaro Gyzi, an interesting museum housed in a beautiful seventeenth century building that displays photos and artefacts from the history of Santorini; and the Naval Museum, where geographic maps, ancient naval artifacts, books and everyday objects are preserved.

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